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Drain Pipe Stoppages

What to do when you have a clogged drain? Don't panic, as it happens more commonly than not. Terry Plumbing will help you out as we have done for hundreds of residents in Miami for more than 30 years. Just one call to our company and we will assess and clear or repair your clogged drain. We promise to work efficiently to solve your issue in a timely manner.

There are several reasons that could be causing your drain to clog.

    Hair will get tangled in a ball as it goes through your drain pipes and over time can become a hairy problem. To prevent this simply use a screen cover to capture your lovely locks before entering your drain pipes. Form a good habit of cleaning your covers after each time you wash your hair.

    Fatty grease from cooking is a top pipe clogger. Next time you are cooking and you have a fatty residue at the bottom of your pan. Resist the temptation of pouring it down your drain. Keep in mind when this hot runny grease cools off it gets sticky and will adhere to your drainpipes building up overtime. It’s time to call Terry Plumbing. But to prevent the grease buildup, let it cool down and soak it up with a disposable towel and discard in your garbage. If it is a large amount place it in a disposable jar or can to again throw out in the trash.

    Fibrous Foods are great for you but not your drainpipes. If you have a garbage disposal here are items NOT to put in it. Celery, eggshells, pasta, beans to name a few, these items can stick on your disposal blades and prevent it from working properly. When this happens larger chunks of food will enter your pipes, causing a big problem. In combination with grease and hair, oh my!

    Have you ever thrown your dental floss or cotton pads in your toilet? Feminine hygiene items should never be disposed of down the toilet either. These items can become a serious detriment to your drain pipes and entire sewage system. Make sure to flush only things that will dissolve in water, like toilet paper.

    If you have an older house sometimes your pipes may sag. Think of the way a hammock bows downward in the middle. Over time soil and tree roots may shift your pipes. This may create “Bellies” similar to a hammock. Terry Plumbing has cameras to enter into these pipes to actually view and assess the next step for repair work. Old homes were mostly constructed with galvanized steel pipes that will rot away causing a clogged pipe, sometimes a total repair is needed or just a patch. Terry Plumbing and Home Services does it all.

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